East Sussex SaeboFlex Clinician

Eastbourne Neuro Physio is now able to offer a revolutionary approach to arm rehabilitation following strokes. The Saeboflex and Saeboreach are Functional Dynamic Neurological Orthoses that allow patients' with very little residual arm and hand function to immediately begin performing highly repetitive grasp and release activities. See the SaeboFlex working in the videos below.

Saebo has also developed an award winning, innovative, dynamic hand splint, designed to help prevent joint damage while improving and maintaining the range of motion of the wrist and hand in individuals with shortening of the long finger flexor muscles and tendons.

We would be happy to assess whether Saebo products are appropriate for you. Please Call 07742 544897 for an appointment or enquire online.

Take a look at the SaeboFlex in action.

SaeboFlex featured on the BBC

Saeboflex in action, helping stroke patients